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The 911R is the father of all motorsport derivatives of Porsche's 911 model. The story of the R is connected to Huschke von Hanstein, Ferdinand Piëch as well as Vic Elford. Originally, it hadn't been planned by Porsche to use the 911 as a flagship model for motorsports...

911R Book

In the first part, the development of the 911R during the 1960s, the efforts of the works team with the plastic 911, the engines that were used with the car (including the quad-cam type 916) and the world records that the car had set up in Monza are described. The second half of the book covers the 911R model year 2016 and dives into the story of how it came about, tells the story of how the R was derived from the GT3 and GT3RS and all available options. The technical development was given room with separate chapters for body, drivetrain, suspension and aerodynamics. A special feature is the list of all 991 units built with their respective color, wheels, interior and country specific equipment.

Special 3D-illustrations were created exclusively for this book. They were printed on acetate foils to grant the reader an x-ray view of the packaging of the modern 911R. The design of the cover pays tribute to the car itself by resembling the interior with the brown/houndstooth combination. The book is protected by a silver slipcase which features the two stripes that are so characteristic for this car. The English version is graced by red stripes, the German version carries green stripes. We couldn’t use light ivory as the color for the slipcase due to impracticability with daily use J


  • Book title: 911R
  • Authors: Christoph Mäder, Georg Konradsheim, Thomas Gruber
  • Published: November 2017
  • ISBN: 978-3-9818419-5-4
  • Numbered edition: 1500 copies (English version)
  • 384 pages
  • 428 photos (color), 125 photos (b/w), 49 illustrations, 135 historical documents
  • Price € 387  

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